Saturday, December 29, 2018

God's Watching

What if one day you got the very clear unambiguous message that God wanted to visit you. God says that He/She has been watching you and totally loves what you have been doing with your life. All of your strengths and weaknesses, your successes and failures are perfect. In other words, you can do no wrong and God wants to watch you do exactly what you've always been doing.

How would that feel? Would you live that day differently knowing that God accepts you unconditionally, and just wants to BE with you. Can you believe that God will accept ANYTHING you do, unconditionally?

Well, in essence, that is exactly what has been happening all your life. We are all a manifestation of the Divine. Our consciousness is our window to our Soul. Or another way to put it, it's our Divine Overlap.

Everything in life that we believe to be bad or evil, is generated by people who don't understand this. They feel separate from their Divine and that separation creates fear. Everything evil is created by feelings of separation and fear. God understands us, (Himself) so well that He trusts us, (as a manifestation of Himself) to explore individuality, and, to eventually come to an understanding of non-separation AS individuals. Just the realization that we are NEVER really separate from God changes everything.

Its a very effective exercise to imagine, or remember that God is present every moment of the day and loves us exactly the way we are. See how that changes things.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


When I refer to God, I'm talking about all of Reality. Try to get your head around the concept that God is EVERYTHING! There is no God and... And Reality is creative and intelligent. Just look at Nature on this planet alone to see the vast diversity of life forms, and the way death nurtures life. It is obvious that this creative system has intelligence, purpose and direction.

Reality is also conscious. Man is part of this system, uniquely designed to observe and participate in the whole process. But we also have a mind that is capable of thinking about and evaluating what we experience. We can use our inherent thinking ability to imagine things that are not part of the System, not part of Reality or God. God gave us this power, and He/She did not kick us out of the Garden of Eden for using it. We IMAGINED ourselves out of the Garden. We used all of our senses, combined with imagination, and came to the conclusion that I, in this body, am different and separate from everything else. And oops, by the way, separate from God.

Reuniting with God is no more complicated than remembering that we can't really be separate from Reality. The key is the discovery that the sensations inside our bodies are of the same basic quality as those sensations outside of our bodies. And our true identity is not within the body, but is the expanded awareness of ALL of our experiences.

Take a moment to sit quietly and observe the sensations inside your skin, all of them. If you are patient, they will soon take on the same quality as those outside your body. Your identity will no longer be only with thoughts sensations and memories inside your mind and body. You will expand to identify with ALL your experiences and you will discover what Jesus meant when he said "I and my Father are one."

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Focus on the Truth

It doesn't matter how things appear at any given moment. The awareness of the Truth that everything is an expression of The Divine, allows those appearances to begin to change and to heal. When we are caught up in the drama of everyday life, our world becomes an expression of that chaos.

The Divine accepts and loves us unconditionally because we are a manifestation of Itself. That Love gives us absolute freedom to do and think anything we want. For thousands of years we have been in the habit of believing that we are separate from the Divine and thus vulnerable. As expressions of the Divine, we are free to use our freedom to wander off into worry and fear. Then we use our creativity to manifest those fears into our experiences.

When we sit quietly and accept that absolutely everything we are experiencing (every sensation inside and outside of our bodies) is an expression of the Divine, our creativity takes over and shapes our experiences with Love. Without any additional effort on our part, we begin to remember and manifest our natural state of happiness and health.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Our Supply

The essence of "The Law of Attraction" is, you only receive what you want from a position of have. You have to feel abundance in order to attract it. Even the Bible says, and I paraphrase, "To he who has, much shall be given. To he who has not, that too shall be taken away."

Doesn't seem fair does it. How can I pretend I have what I want when I don't? Well I wish that all this time "The Law of Attraction" had been called "The Law of Manifestation", because that is what is really happening. You have the power to manifest everything you need from within your Consciousness. You don't attract it to you from the outside.

Our supply, all the things that we need in life come from within us. They come as a vibrational expression of our Consciousness. That's why appreciation, gratitude, giving, sharing, loving, are so powerful and important to our happiness. They are all expressions of the flow of our energy. We can only be generous when we are sharing ourselves with the world from a place of fulfillment. We give love, compliments, appreciation and yes, even things to the world, and that sets up a flow that continues expressing itself through us. 

When we feel that there is something missing in our lives, we are identifying with a place of emptiness and expect it to be filled by something from outside of us. It is evidence that we do not believe that our happiness comes from an expression of our Consciousness, but from things that must come to us. Then we are operating from a place of emptiness trying to fill that emptiness with things.  We are acting from a place of wanting.

The happiness that things brings us will always only be temporary. The desire is momentarily quieted, but the place inside is still empty. Give and ye shall receive. Want and you will be wanting.

Monday, September 18, 2017


So if we are always only Divine Consciousness, what’s happening when we are worried or afraid?

Most of the time we identify with ourselves as an individual, separate from other individuals and the surrounding world. When we are afraid or worried we contract even further into our own little world. In this way we limit the amount of Divine Consciousness or Divine Energy that flows through us. It’s like closing down the aperture of a camera lens which allows less light in.

The best way I know of to open your Divine Energy aperture, is to focus your awareness on the sensation in your body associated with your worries or your fears. For most of us these sensations are located in our chest, in our gut, or in a constricted feeling in our throat. So, start by sitting quietly where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your attention to these worrying sensations inside your body. They should be easy to locate because they are usually uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Focus your attention on these feelings without trying to get rid of them. This is important. We want to feel these fears and accept the sensations associated with them without any judgment or attempts to change them at all. “But I don’t accept them, I don’t like them and I want to be rid of them. I want something to be different”. I know, but when you are feeling a worrying sensation and wanting to get rid of it, you are looking from it and identifying with it. When you look at a sensation, not judging but accepting it, you are not identifying with it. This is a new and different activity. Your identity moves back and expands as it looks at your worrying. You have opened your identification and your energy flow. Awareness with acceptance is a very powerful tool that you may not have not been consciously using up to now. Also, for the moment anyway, you are not feeding uncomfortable sensations with disturbing thoughts.

“But this exercise doesn’t solve my problems.” Well, you may be in for a surprise. Once you have expanded your awareness and are no longer identifying with just your own problems and your separate personality, you have opened yourself to your true identity: Divine Consciousness AS individual. Acceptance is a form of Divine Love and it has the power to release resources  that you didn’t know you had.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Unmonitored Creativity

Our awareness, the consciousness of everyone of us, is a spark of Divine Consciousness. We are God manifest as individual beings playing around in a sea of Divine Consciousness. If you look for the source of your consciousness, you won't find it because it has no objective qualities. Our Consciousness is shining out of the unknown, illuminating the known. Consciousness cannot be seen as an object but we are obviously aware of it; self aware.

One part of consciousness (in the thinking area of this Divine-pretending-to-be-an-individual), is our creativity. Our minds are free to think creatively. But we let our creative abilities unintentionally wander into ideas and beliefs that may not be true. For instance we have the choice to create Love, to appreciate our lives and the world around us. Or we have the freedom to think thoughts that make us feel separate from our Divine Source and our fellow humans. Believing this we feel alone and vulnerable. We become afraid and so we fear the world and the people around us.  We forget that we are all made out of the same stuff and that we are all in this together.

Divine Consciousness is totally loving and trusting of itself, so it allows us to do this. This gets us in trouble ONLY because Divine Consciousness has chosen to play this game of forgetting it's true identity. If we realize that we are here to remember who we are and enjoy this incredible experience, then there is really nothing to fear except for our own unmonitored creativity.

So if you hear anyone saying that you should fear or hate any people or groups of people, they are not speaking from truth. They have forgotten who they are, and are speaking from a belief system created from confusion and misunderstanding.

Each one of us has the power to let Truth guide our thoughts to create Love and share it with those around us. This is how we increase the amount of Love in the world which is definitely what it needs right now.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Election

If you find yourself upset and angry about the election, there is something very important you can do. This recent election is not something terrible that just happened to us, nor is it a harbinger of something terrible that is just beginning to happen. Instead it is a barometer, a gauge of sorts that is telling us where we are as a people, and as a country. This is where we are, right now. And if we want to move from where we are, we must acknowledge and accept where we are. Acceptance is one of the shapes that Love takes. In order to move forward, we must realistically accept where we are and move forward from here, not from where we believed, or hoped we were.

So try not to react to these events with anger. Do not feed this situation with fear, but embrace where we are as a people with Love. Love is Divine. Love is power, and if we now embrace who and where we are and love each other right now, where we are, we will move in the direction of Love.

You will experience fear and anger in others but try not to be swayed by the judgments of others. Do everything you can to embrace life now, as it is, with love and acceptance of all of us as a people; a people who need more Love. Be that Love.