Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Asking for Help

One off the things that becomes apparent as we explore the whole realm of Spirit, is that help for us and our problems is always available. It is actually hard wired into the whole system, into who we are. Because we are not separate individuals as we have assumed all our lives, when we ask for help, we are recognizing that part of us that we previously thought was outside of ourselves, but is really the expanded, Divine part that just isn't as visible.

What I do when I feel isolated is close my eyes and simply say "I need help". And then I wait and watch inside and it always happens that the sensation of "something is wrong" or "something is missing" becomes just that: merely a bodily sensation. As I watch that sensation, it gradually changes into a sense of peace, "a peace that passeth understanding".

With that peace comes a knowing that everything is alright.

Ask and it shall be given.