Saturday, November 06, 2010

Close Encounter

I had a beautiful encounter with an Angel yesterday afternoon. I was shopping in the grocery store when Kim called me on my cell phone. Now for some reason, cell reception in Smith's isn't very good, and I was walking around trying to find a good signal without having to go outside. So, I was very focused on whether or not I could hear Kim and walking slowly so that I could stop when the signal was strong. Haven't we all done this. While I was thusly engaged, I just happened to glance at a small child riding in a shopping cart. The glance was very brief and I looked away concentrating on the phone. But something got through and registered in my awareness that the kid was waving at me. I quickly looked back(no more than a second past) and sure enough there was this 1 year old (or less) child with his hand now frozen in midwave. As soon as he noticed that I had looked back at him, he continued his very enthusiastic wave. I think he actually looked relieved that I had not missed his greeting and I waved back, of course. We both smiled at each other and went our ways, but that encounter totally made my day.

Now, one might think that maybe that kid rides around waving at everybody he sees. I didn't follow him around to find out. All I know is that my attention was grabbed immediately by this brief encounter and the rest of my day was improved because of it. Now, how much better could actual Divine Intervention be?

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