Thursday, November 10, 2016

This Election

If you find yourself upset and angry about the election, there is something very important you can do. This recent election is not something terrible that just happened to us, nor is it a harbinger of something terrible that is just beginning to happen. Instead it is a barometer, a gauge of sorts that is telling us where we are as a people, and as a country. This is where we are, right now. And if we want to move from where we are, we must acknowledge and accept where we are. Acceptance is one of the shapes that Love takes. In order to move forward, we must realistically accept where we are and move forward from here, not from where we believed, or hoped we were.

So try not to react to these events with anger. Do not feed this situation with fear, but embrace where we are as a people with Love. Love is Divine. Love is power, and if we now embrace who and where we are and love each other right now, where we are, we will move in the direction of Love.

You will experience fear and anger in others but try not to be swayed by the judgments of others. Do everything you can to embrace life now, as it is, with love and acceptance of all of us as a people; a people who need more Love. Be that Love.

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