Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thank God!!

I was at a dinner party the other night and one of the guests was talking about something and interjected, " thank God" as a lot of people do just as an expletive. But then she turned to Kim an said, " of course I don't really believe in God." And that's fine with me. I have no problem with anyone whose life is OK without God or has not felt a need for believing in anything spiritual. But there was an article in a recent Newsweek in which an atheist and a Christian pastor were arguing about evidence of the existence of God, and I was amazed at how vehemently the atheist was making his case. I remember sitting one day years ago watching an ant crawling over my big toe and wondering how much he understood about what he was crawling over. He obviously didn't understand my ability to appreciate Mozart nor could he join with me in a discussion on existentialism. So how is it that any of us crawling around on this planet can know with such certainty all that is going on. We just don't have the capacity to understand it all anymore than the ant can grasp humanity. It seems to be naive to think that all the power behind the lives of people like Dr Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and thousands more, can all be lumped under self delusion.

I put this out there at the beginning of this discussion because a lot of what I have to say from here on is about my beliefs which I will never be able to prove to anyone else. So let's just all keep an open mind.

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