Monday, October 15, 2007

Where ya been?

Well, I've been thinking. And that's always a problem. When I restarted blogging , I was determined to to write what came out of my daily meditations. But there is one major problem for me, and that is that my meditations are not about thinking. They are an awareness of the Now, an acceptance and appreciation of the way things are without my judgments or preferences. But when I sit down to blog, I immediately start thinking again, and that puts my judgment into it about what I should or shouldn't write about. I'm obviously not yet evolved enough to the point where I can just sit at the computer and write while I meditate, much the way I imagined Walsh did with his Conversations with God.

Which brings me to the major point of this session: Do I believe in God. The obvious answer is, yes! But I'm reluctant to use that word because everyone has their own concept of God and I don't want to advance a misunderstanding by talking about my idea of God while someone interprets what I'm saying through their own definition. I do not believe in the God of the Old Testament, a gray bearded old guy who sits up... somewhere, who listens to requests and passes down judgments on who deserves his favor and who doesn't. I don't believe in a God who favors one religion over another. I believe that Jesus was one of the most enlightened people to walk the planet, but if I don't have, at least the potential to be JUST like him, what's the point.

I do believe in a spiritual system that includes ALL things; it binds all of us together and we can act in line with it and live a harmonious life, or out of sinc and live in confusion. I believe that this system has rules that are consistent like the laws of nature, mathematics, and musical notes that when carefully observed can work for us in beautiful ways. And I believe there are rules of behavior that include when you lack something, give something, even if it is only gratitude or appreciation. What we do to others comes back to us. God is like a mirror that reflects to each of us what we believe and how we act. Our behavior reflects what we experience, rather than an external God judging what we do. If God has a personality, a singular identity, I can't get my puny little mind around it. I do think that he/she responds personally, but that may require helpers of some kind.

God is Love, unconditional love. That mirror is perfectly clean. When we embrace that concept, it is truly a wonderful life. And I can align myself with God at any time. I begin by accepting myself and forgiving myself unconditionally. I know that's not easy, believe me, I know. But if I begin by being aware of whatever is going on inside of me and accept it, I don't feed it. In other words, negative thoughts feed painful emotions, are very rarely true and are always exaggerated. Non judgmental observation and acceptance of whatever I am feeling at the moment aligns me with the divine that is my core spiritual identity; my Soul. So that also opens me up to solutions to problems that my worrying little Rick personality can't see.

Love is God. Like a wavelength, when we love, we synchronize with Our Divine.

Whew, now I can talk about God and you will either understand or go away. But if you feel like going away, please leave a comment and don't slam the door. Thanks!


Jean said...

I love how you write.

Norine said...

Hello Rick,
I agree with you. Much of what we westerners perceive of God is taken from the Judaic scripture that Christians call the Old Testament. However, it is my understanding that the first chapter of Genesis was written about a much larger God than were ensuing writings of the Old Testament, which then referenced Jehova. If we were to truly understand and acknowledge the spiritual, unlimited and unlimiting creation of the first chapter of Genesis, the rest would be easy (ha, ha). I believe that Jesus teachings were based on this first chapter of divine creation. Meanwhile there is a lot of reading between Genesis and Matthew that surely describes our sorry human condition. And we seem to continue to want to write in this vein, i.e. our sorry media. Thanks for sharing your perceptions. It is such a struggle to move from the meditative to the mundane, but we all keep trying! Norine