Friday, December 06, 2013


For a long time now, I've been getting the feeling that I need to put something out there. I've put it off for a long time because frankly, it scares me. I'm afraid of what people who know me will think. But it has reached the point where not doing it may hurt me more than what other people think. So here goes.

Everyone who knows me, knows me as a spiritual seeker. I've been mining the depths of what it means to be a human individual and what our relationship is to The Divine, to God, Spirit, Source, Consciousness. For the past few years I've been meditating everyday and have come to a very comfortable relationship with...all of the above. I particularly like the term Consciousness because it implies the magical, mysterious relationship to God inherent in our our everyday awareness. More on that later.

What I've been afraid to go public with is that throughout my life I have had some success with Spiritual Healing. By that I mean both healing the spirit and healing the body through Spiritual means. I seem to have reached a fork in the road where I either go public, or risk losing the gift and the opportunity. So as of today I offer help to anyone who feels that they need it, and hasn't found it in their life so far. Asking for help is THE major requirement on your part to receiving it.

 I try to stay away as much as possible from a lot of verbal advice or discussion, because I understand our mind's obsession with ideas. Instead, most of what I will be saying is meant to lead your mind to the limits of it's understanding, to trust; trust what it CANNOT understand. The power of healing comes from our "knowing and feeling" that we are not separate from The Divine. Unfortunately we don't feel that and the fear that comes from feeling disconnected causes suffering. Because we ARE all connected, (ask a physicist about that on the physical/scientific level) when you reach out for help you access a channel between us through which healing energy can pass, even if you don't feel it.

So, if you like, you can email me at and we'll talk a little about it, or you can just think about asking for help through me. Reach out in your mind. Understand that it is not Rick the personality which is capable of healing, but my access to healing energy all around us. You are probably feeling alone and isolated and not accessing it on your own. Sit quietly when you can and listen to your body; take inventory of bodily sensations and embrace every feeling as much as you can. Most suffering comes from some form of resistance. If you are in pain, I understand this can be very difficult. Do the best you can understanding that even pain is communication.

God is Love. God is also the Reality or Substance of the whole universe. So Love is the substance of all there is. Acceptance and "embraceing" are a kind of non-judgmental loving, and the more we accept the more we are opening ourselves to Love.

And Love heals.

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