Monday, December 16, 2013


God is always present. God is the substance of all of Reality. We are an expression of God as individual beings. Our awareness is God's constant gift to us, and if you watch closely you will realize that you are always conscious. You have no control over being conscious. Even in deep sleep we are conscious but since there are no objects or thoughts, our mind doesn't remember. When Jesus said. "I am the Light", and "I and my Father are one", he was speaking to this. He realized that he was an expression of pure Divine Consciousness.

So if it's already here, why don't we feel it. Some say that God pretends to forget in order to explore life as an individual with 5 senses and free will, and totally free to interpret or misinterpret these experiences. That also includes the freedom to dwell in the past or future. As a result we worry and live in fear. This has brought us to our current state of affairs, believing we are isolated and alone. Who we "think"we are is totally contained within our bodies, and the world is all out there, unknown and potentially hostile.

Meditation is the way to break down this barrier to seeing who we really are, who we already are but don't remember. So if God is the substance of our consciousness, of our very Being, every sensation and perception is Divine. We may have temporarily separated ourselves, at least believing we are separated, but that is an illusion supported by years and generations of thinking that it is true. Misinterpretation of our experiencing is the main problem, so the solution is to examine our actual experience and see what happens.

Start by finding a quiet spot and give yourself permission to not think about anything. All of the details of your busy life can wait for 20 or 30 minutes. Begin with the idea that EVERYTHING that you are experiencing is an expression of God. Even your thoughts are a misinterpretation and can lead to doubts and frustration. "What do I think I'm doing?" "I'm sure I'm not doing it right, nothing is happening." Etc. When these thoughts intrude, and they will, just dismiss them and come back to feelings.

Every sensation that you have is Divine Consciousness so you would not be experiencing anything if God was not living through you at this moment. Consciousness requires no learning or effort, but we do tend to take it for granted. So we want to be intentional with it. Start by examining the sensations inside your body. Pay particular attention to sensations that you usually associate with "me." This will probably be behind your eyes, or in your throat where you talk to yourself and to the world, or sometimes in your chest or gut. As you let your awareness cruise these areas, you will begin to notice that you don't really live IN those sensation but someplace slightly removed. You are actually looking AT the sensations that you used to identify with as "me", and not from them.

This free floating Experiencer is you true identity, the light of awareness that sees everything without judgement our interpretation. Since it's not identifying with any specific sensations, it feels totally calm. Continue to observe with an open receptive attitude. The Divine within you cannot be communicated with with your mind or with words. Only through your own open consciousness can an assurance that is beyond explanation reach you.

Be patient. It takes practice. And remember, you are not learning something new or looking for anything. Instead, you are allowing your true Identity which is always already here.

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