Saturday, February 08, 2014

I Think, Therefore I Am

Who we are as a separate individual at any given moment, is a thought. It is a thought about a desire, a fear, a memory. It might be a memory of painful experiences which creates a thought about fearing getting something we don't want or not getting something we do want. But all of our beliefs about who we are as Rick or Sally or Johnny are just the thought (or memory thought) that we are having at this moment. Always at this moment. Nowhere or no when else.

Thoughts are like clouds; they can obscure the blue sky of who we truly and always are, but don't eliminate it. No matter how many thought clouds we have, the sky is always blue.

The more attention we can put into our experience of this moment and let our thoughts float through without identifying or attaching to them, the more this energy of who we always truly are can come though. One of the results of doing this is its effect on our subsequent thoughts. When we watch our experiences of this moment and let our thoughts come and go, one of the thoughts that begins to show up naturally, and I believe, by design is Trust.

We can't know with any certainty what is going on to create this reality that we all experience. So it makes sense that we also can't know what is going to happen in the next year, week or even the next minute. But the more attention we put into the only reality that really exists, this moment, the more we begin to trust the energy of that reality to influence our lives.

Trust cannot be thought or wished into reality, it must be experienced as an element of the energy of this moment. Then trust will be its own reward. But it will also allow the creative energy of this reality, (which brings flowers in the spring and apples to an apparently barren tree) into our experience. That might take the shape of inspiration or just plain relief from worrying.

Trust has a way of snowballing. As inspiration and creativity come, so do the resources we need to fulfill the destiny of the Source of that energy.

Watch for it and find it.

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